PyBites Podcast

#065 - Being your Authentic Self with Hannah Kook

April 04, 2022 Julian Sequeira & Bob Belderbos
PyBites Podcast
#065 - Being your Authentic Self with Hannah Kook
Show Notes

Sometimes we feel like we need to put up a façade, especially in front of our leaders. Showing up as your authentic self is so important though and the benefits are immense.

In this episode, Hannah Kook, a Senior Communications Manager at AWS, shares her story and tips on what it is to be your authentic self at work.

  • If you muster up the confidence to step into the ring, people will see that you have unique super powers and traits that your competition doesn't.
  • If you hold yourself back you're not giving people the opportunity to see why you're at the table.
  • There's more that you can offer if you double-down on your super powers.
  • It doesn't matter what meeting you're in, there's nothing wrong with being your authentic self. Having the confidence to embrace it and do it is key.
  • Focusing on your superpowers helps you take focus away from what you feel are your shortcomings.
  • Being your authentic self earns trust!
  • When you show up authentically it has a ripple effect and allows others to do the same.

Hannah's Actionable Tips to being your authentic self:

  • First, look inward. You need to know the strengths that make you uniquely you.
  • Second, ask others that you trust to validate what your strengths are.
  • Third, show up and speak up! You've got this! You're the expert at your strengths, you can do it, don't back down, be yourself.
  • Four, be ready for discomfort. It's not going to feel amazing the first time and that's FINE. Just keep doing the work and you'll get stronger and better at it.
  • Five, YOUV'E GOT THIS (again!).


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