PyBites Podcast

#067 - How DATA prepares students for the future

April 28, 2022 Julian Sequeira & Bob Belderbos
PyBites Podcast
#067 - How DATA prepares students for the future
Show Notes

In this podcast episode Bob interviews Alex Wulff and Russell Helmstedter from Ventura Unified School District.

These guys are doing something really special for their students: they integrate math, computer science, Python and physical objects into a practical, holistic and super engaging learning experience.

In our interview we dive into their curriculum, the backstory how they built it out, what drives them, and much more.

We also discuss how they leverage our platform in the classroom (mentioned certificate wall / Pybites demo) and other entrepreneurial initiatives to prepare students better (the stuff we'd have loved to have learned at that age wow!) and how they mentor other teachers as well.

We hope you enjoy this episode and that it inspires you to become a better teacher and always think critically how we can better train the next generation of programmers.

If you like this episode you should totally connect with them as well, they make it easy to do so (thanks guys!)

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