PyBites Podcast

#069 - How to achieve more deep work

May 11, 2022
PyBites Podcast
#069 - How to achieve more deep work
Show Notes

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How much deep work do you get done on a typical work day?

In our case, we thought plenty.

It turns out that lately it's been less and less.

As the authors of Practical Productivity with PyBites this came as quite a shock!

But as you'll learn in this episode, productivity is insidious.

You can be well on track with your goals, focus and habits, but then gradually, things start to slide, and before you know it you're completely off-track.

In this episode we talk about how we became aware of this and provide you with some tips to help you get back on track, that is how to increase your daily amount of deep work.

Mentioned resources:
- Create Space book
- Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule - Paul Graham
- Deep work book by Cal Newport (a staple! Also check out his other books)
- Insightful article: The Importance of Deep Work & The 30-Hour Method for learning a new skill
- Our productivity course: very practical, tailored to the effective developer but also generic enough (< 4 hours you'll have a framework to keep your productivity high)

Thanks for listening.

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