PyBites Podcast

#002 - Code Reviews

December 18, 2020 Julian Sequeira & Bob Belderbos
PyBites Podcast
#002 - Code Reviews
Show Notes

In this episode we talk about the "scary" topic of code reviewing. What does it entail and why do some of us fear them?

Is it perfectionism, fear or failure, the pain of receiving critique?

What have we learned from code reviews we've been through and what are some of the things we highlight when we review code for our clients?

For us there clearly is a BEFORE and AFTER in our developer careers thanks to code reviews (we still remember some review comments!)

Not only will they teach you a lot, it also gives you the opportunity to train other developers.

They give you access to more experienced developers, an opportunity you want to grab with both hands!

And ... as you'll discover in this episode, it was even the offspring of PyBites!

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