Pybites Podcast

#005 - 100 Days of Code Accountability Partners

December 30, 2020 Julian Sequeira & Bob Belderbos
Pybites Podcast
#005 - 100 Days of Code Accountability Partners
Show Notes

Marc Falzon and Anthony Lister are two passionate members of the PyBites Community and happen to be our first guests on the PyBites podcast!

In this episode we dive into Marc's journey on the 100 Days of Code Challenge and how Anthony became his incredibly valuable Accountability Partner.

Accountability is something we harp on about all the time so when we saw that Marc and Anthony were doing this we knew it was a story worth telling and diving into.

If you've ever thought of seeking out an Accountability Partner or wondered how having one even works, you'll want to listen to this.



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To speak with us about your Python journey and to be held accountable (hint hint!), book a call with us here:

If you're keen to kick off your own 100 Days of Code journey, check this out.