PyBites Podcast

#015 - Deliberate Practice is key

March 05, 2021 Julian Sequeira & Bob Belderbos
PyBites Podcast
#015 - Deliberate Practice is key
Show Notes

This week we have Chris Patti on the show.

We talk about how he got into programming going all the way back to the 80s!

We talk about automation (and scratching your own itch) being the root of his everlasting passion for coding.

His message is dear to our heart, because it was his ability to overcome perfectionism ("ship it" mentality), putting his work out there that opened doors for him and led to an amazing career so far.

And this virtuous cycle is accessible to you too, just listen to Chris' valuable advice around:

  • How to upskill your Python.
  • The critical role of deliberate practice in this.
  • Tips to get unstuck when solving complex problems.
  • The need to become uncomfortable to gain the required confidence to succeed.
  • That you don't need a CS degree per se, adopting the right mindset is of critical importance as a developer.
  • And more...


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