PyBites Podcast

#040 - Ship your code!

September 03, 2021 Julian Sequeira & Bob Belderbos
PyBites Podcast
#040 - Ship your code!
Show Notes

In this episode we talk about shipping your code and why it is important to get code out there fast, because it's where part of the learning / feedback loop happens.

We hope the main takeaway from this episode will be that you shouldn't sit on code. Get it out there, and make it better in conjunction with the real world and people using your software.

This iterative process is also one of the things that is fascinating about the development process!

We take a recent feature we built and some of the issues we faced, a nice real world example.

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Books mentioned:
Julian: Coraline
Bob: s/read/code/g :)
Shout-out to Roller and Mike for getting us on Effortless

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