PyBites Podcast

#055 - Behind the Scenes of Bonjoro

January 21, 2022 Julian Sequeira & Bob Belderbos
PyBites Podcast
#055 - Behind the Scenes of Bonjoro
Show Notes

This week we have Oli Bridge from Bonjoro on the show.

Bonjoro lets you boost customer engagement with personal videos and we're big fans (ab)using the service (you might have gotten one or more videos from us already!)

He goes into the backstory of Bonjoro and some fun ways people have used the service.

He goes into the tech stack and the importance of Zapier integrations, their customer first focus, moving from product into platform, and last but not least he has some really useful career tips for us.

Reach out to Oli on Twitter and try Bonjoro for free here.

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