PyBites Podcast

#056 - How Ed went from Sys Admin to Python Developer

January 25, 2022 Julian Sequeira & Bob Belderbos
PyBites Podcast
#056 - How Ed went from Sys Admin to Python Developer
Show Notes

Welcome back to the PyBites Podcast. In this episode we invited Ed Garcia to share his inspiring journey of becoming a Python developer.

He joined PDM almost a year ago as a beginning Pythonista and has built a couple of projects end-to-end boosting his skills and with that his confidence.

His latest app is a complete SAAS business idea turned into reality! He also contributed to PyBites OpenSource and is an active member of the PyBites community.

Ed put in the hard work, it wasn't easy, he could have given up on more than one occasion. But he didn't!

Listening to Ed's story we see important lessons we often teach: don't get stuck in tutorial paralysis, start building, persist / adopt a positive mindset, don't let imposter syndrome stop you in your tracks, embrace it! Be coachable and accept that there is always more to learn, that apps are never done and that's ok (drop perfectionism!)

We hope his journey will inspire you to aim higher and to ruthlessly go after your goals, you can do it!

Check out Ed's MaxUptime app and WorldClock cli tool / contribution.

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Reach out to Ed on PyBites Slack and/or LinkedIN.